Better quality materials for better quality protection

Anti-UV & Transparent Sun Visor Cap

The transparent Sun Visor ( Sun Cap ) protects your face from 99% of the sun's UV ( ultra-violet rays ). The shade of the cap is transparent and can be freely raised or lowered. When you pull down the shade, it completely protects your face from the ultra-violet rays with a clear polycarbonate film. The transparent visor allows you to clearly and easily put on sunglasses.

When you raise the shade, it is like any other sun visor and is considered quite fashionable. The transparent Sun Visor is a new and unique product that is offered worldwide. Regarding UV ( ultra violet ) blocking. UV B ( 290~315nm ) : 99.9% UV A

( 315~400nm ) : 97.0%   

Complete facial & eye protection. Better quality materials for better protection.


Polycarbonate film UV protection and clear sight. 

Rim Quality:

ABS  Good elasticity and lightness.

Lining Cool Max:

This is 3 to 4 times expensive to ordinary ones due to Itís good sweat absorption

and fast drying features. It is made of the high quality fiber so it makes you feel cool, soft and comfortable when you wear it.

Suitable for: driving, at the beach, sport or working outdoor, travel, fishing, golf, mountain climbing, while on the field, watching sports game, simply walking. etc. 

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